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4 Simple Tips if Your Internet Speed Fluctuates

You want to browse the web and the Internet speed fluctuates like hell is a little bit frustrating issue and there’s a solution to that which is to get another reliable and fast Internet connection. But, in a situation where your Internet connection is fast and everything seems to be difficult, or things are not going the way it supposes to go what can make your Internet connection too slow in this type of occasion? Is it because the connection is too fast or what? That is absolutely wrong but, there are many things which can cause your Internet connection to slow down even when you’re transferring data at a peak level (when you’re using the internet with the fastest and highest speed ever). There are many steps you can take to improve internet connection speed and in this post, we’ll talk and outline many ways which you can take to prevent your Internet connection from running slow. Ultimately your top internet speed will depend on your T1, DSL, or wireless internet provider. It will also depend on the modem and router set up you may have, use ubee modem as the standard to compare your set up, if it seems inferior, that might be the issue. The following steps can be taken to get the most out of the connection you have.


1. Don’t Load Multiple Tabs

Loading multiple tabs of your Internet connection browser can decrease your Internet browsing ability and thereby cause your Internet connection to perform at a snail speed. To avoid this error, you don’t need to do any other things than to discipline yourself by sticking to the rules of browsing the Internet comfortably (open as little website browser tab as you can to avoid slow Internet connection).


2. Avoid Annoying Add-Ons

Browsers add-ons are problems that many Internet users find too hard to tackle that always prevent them from accessing the Internet with good speed. Add-ons are applications that are either pre-installed with your Internet browsers or unknowingly installed by you into the website browser. They are very harmful and many times they consume most of your Internet connection bandwidth.


3. Download with Care, Don’t Just Download Files From the Web

What you can do if you don’t want to enjoy your Internet connection is to do what can affect it and one of the factors that can negatively affect your Internet connection is your bad attitude of downloading files anyhow from the Internet. Many Internet users download too many software applications and games from the Internet even without a need for it; they just want to download, do things the way they like and forget to realize that this can have a negative effect on their Internet connection bandwidth and download and upload speed.


4. Avoid Sites With Too Many Graphics

Some sites on the net use too many graphics on their homepage and this can consume most of your Internet connection bandwidth if you don’t know about it before. If you find yourself in this situation where the site page you’re visiting is taking much time to load or show up, what you need to do is either to leave the page or finds another method of accessing such site. This type of graphics influenced website can be accessed even with a slow Internet connection once you have access to Google service here. You only need to enter the website URL that you’re trying to visit in the search box and click enter. The result on the page will show you another version of the website excluding large pictures and images that consume most of your Internet connection bandwidths.