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5 Cheap Winter Getaways to Book Now

Winter in NYC is not without its charms, but we get it: Those visions of a tropical escape aren’t going anywhere. Fortunately, you can do a whole lot more than daydream and ogle Instagram. Snap up one of these killer deals now—we spotted flights for $250 or less—and you’ll be sipping a drink on a beach in no time.


Miami, Fl (3 Hours from NYC)

So you didn’t get to go to Art Basel, but you can totally take advantage of Miami’s combo of art, beaches and culture during the off-season. And with nonstop flights for less than the cost of your monthly Metrocard, what’s stopping you? (Besides, there’s nothing like inciting the envy of your colleagues by coming back to work with tan lines.)


Aguadilla, Pr (3 Hours, 40 Minutes from Nyc)

We love San Juan, but the island’s west coast has a whole other world to explore, including laid-back towns, picturesque ruins, uncrowded beaches and insane sunsets over the Caribbean. And as a worldwide surfing destination, it’s a great spot to hit the waves if you’ve ever been curious.


Mexico City, Mexico (5 Hours from Nyc)

If beaches aren’t a priority but excellent food is non-negotiable, head to Mexico’s capital for a thriving culinary scene that ranges from taco dives to swanky cocktail bars. In between meals, check out the Frida Kahlo museum and eclectic architecture that runs the gamut from historic to ultramodern.


Santa Fe, Nm (6 Hours from Nyc)

OK, you’ll have to endure a layover (or fly into Albuquerque and drive for one very scenic hour), but it’s worth it for dramatic Westworld -esque vistas, art galore (hi, Georgia O’Keeffe) and the magic that is green chile (get the breakfast burrito at Café Pasqual’s). It’s not exactly warm during the winter months (average for February is 48), but sun is pretty much a certainty.


Palm Springs, Ca (6 Hours From Nyc)

No, it’s not all golf courses and spas (though those are readily available). You’ll find some world-class hiking—and temps that rarely dip below 70—in nearby Indian Canyons, Coachella Valley Preserve and Joshua Tree National Park. If those desert landscapes don’t soothe your city-weary mind, we don’t know what will.