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Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

The most innovative creation in the spectrum of technology is the Internet. Internet has changed the face of the world and today’s sophisticated internet technology has made the world advance in many fields such as Science, Education, Defense, Information Technology, Manufacturing or Production units and so on. With these sort of advancements, we have lot of advantages and disadvantages of internet.


History of Internet

The idea of communicating one computer to another computer was evolved in the mind of J C R Licklider in the year 1962, the concept in his mind to build a global computer network among all the systems in the world that makes everyone communicate with each other. But, Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf used the term ‘Internet’ in their TCP(Transmission Control Protocol) in the year 1974. Vint Cerf’s protocol has converted the Internet into a worldwide network and in 1980s Scientists and Researchers used this technology to send data and files from one computer to another. Anyways, Berners-Lee has stirred the approach of Internet and introduced the concept of www i.e., World Wide Web, a process in Internet that allows anyone to not only send the data and files from one system to another but also retrieve as well.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Internet

Today, people associated with the computer systems are completely internet-dependent and thanks to Berners Lee who made this world move faster making the people and the Businesses get benefited. Before the world witnessed Globalization, internet users have experienced more advantages than disadvantages, but now the scenario is different, the moment a techie guy is discovering something good in the internet, the next moment it is put in practice, the other bad techie guy( referred as the harmful hackers) are misusing the technical aspects which is ruining the smooth operations in the world. It is but natural that any product or service or an item has both advantages and disadvantages while using and same is the case with the Internet too.

Internet has made our lives easy in terms of Communication, Business, Transportation, Education, Information about persons, places, things and animals etc, and sharing information to faraway places and so on. Let us walk through the essay on advantages and disadvantages of Internet. First look on Essay on Advantages of Internet.

Advantages of Internet

Out of many, below are some of the advantages of using Internet.


Operates on a 24×7 Basis

There’s no sleeping time for internet as it works on a 24×7 basis. Each and everyday,  thousands of internet users keep on posting new things or updating existing matter in Internet and it has huge data silos to store with the help of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Internet is operative round the clock and accepts gigabytes and terabytes of data in minutes across the world.

For this reason there are some companies that have changed their style of doing business such as E-commerce, Ticketing(Airways/ Roadways/ Waterways ), Education system, Payment Gateway services, Courier Services etc. Freelancers are more advantageous in this regards as they don’t have specific timings to execute their work.

Global Reach

The term www or world wide web itself defines that whatever the content is published in the Internet will be viewed by the global audiences. Now this aspect is really interesting and helps people in connecting, understanding and sharing each other’s view point.

E-mail address of an internet user is one such thing that gives an identity to travel in the Internet world. With e-mails, one can share information, files, folders, documents, images, audios and videos etc. An internet user can send and retrieve data files from one system to another and do modifications to those files as and when required. This feature helps not only organizations but also individuals who do business from home or who doesn’t have a business place in connecting people across the globe.


When compared to the previous( a decade ago) tariff rates of Internet service from service providers is now low-cost or economical. Now every house is holding an internet connection to update and be connected to the world. Even to publish any information in the internet is inexpensive when compared to the traditional methods.


Promoting Products/Services

This is an advantageous feature especially for users having a website( ex: www.abc.com) and running a business on it. Website owner can promote or advertise his/her own products/services in the internet with low-cost techniques by mentioning product/service features, images, videos, prices and other details in the web.

A website owner can provide attachments in the website if the product details have heavy text and images etc. When compared to the conventional methods of promoting/advertising a business or product or service, Internet medium provides range of benefits to the business user in multiple ways.


Internet medium is the platform of choice for both individuals and organizations in today’s digital world. If there is any event or gathering or summit or conference kind of things in your organization/ area/ district/ state/ country.

Then you can make an announcement in the internet stating the event details such as event date, venue, timings, route map etc and invite millions of viewers to participate in your event from different parts of the world. This saves a lot of money invested in traditional methods.

Online Reviews/Feedbacks

When you a publish products/services in the internet then millions of users will view them but only few of will purchase the products or avail the services. Now the feedback of the purchasers is very important for the website owner in order to understand the market requirement and assess whether his products or services are upto the mark or not.

Internet provides a space for reviews or feedbacks for the user to mention his/her experience with the product/service. In today’s high-paced world, every product or service is purchased by looking at the reviews and responses of the product users in the web. In fact, this feature would be a time and energy saver for a marketing guy to record the feedback of the customers in the web.

Easy Internal Integration with other systems

In organisations where hundreds and thousands of people will be working on the same project with different subject areas then it is necessary for the organisation to coordinate them. This would be done easily with Internet technique that connects all these systems internally for sharing data files and other business information within the boundaries of the organisation. Today there are numerous software solutions available in the world market, but ultimately company installs only the required software solutions in its business.


Formatting Functionality

Content of the website after publishing on the world wide web can be easily formatted by using different graphic formats and various HTML tags. Besides using these tags, one can add different interactive controls  to web pages and use various multimedia formats in web pages.

Disadvantages of Internet

On the other side of the coin we have following disadvantages of using Internet.

Insecurity to Personal Information

When you do some banking transactions in online mode then there is a possibility of grabbing your personal or confidential information without your notice. Even in social media when you communicate with your friends via your social media accounts then hackers may theft your information and do some defamatory activities using your account. Hence, with lot of care one needs to make online transactions and use their social media accounts.


Spamming is one such irritating thing that most of the internet users complaint about it. Frequently, a internet user gets spam mails also called as junk mails (means unsolicited mails) are sent by e-mails. One needs to be aware of this type of mails. If once accepted this type of spam mails then your emails will be in trouble.


Hacking refers to the process of altering or modifying computer hardware and software accomplish a goal that is treated to be outside of the creator’s original goal. There are chances that your website or social or email accounts can be trapped or hijacked by professional hackers.

These things may happen if at all you share your information with the third party. So to get rid of these things beware of the hackers.

Businessman with digital world map and pins floating over his hand

Virus Problems

This is major disadvantage of using internet. When you download any file from the internet or visit any website that is virus affected then your system gets infected with viruses. To eradicate this problem you have to maintain an anti-virus tool in your system that protects your system from being affected by aliens(viruses).


When you are searching for any specific thing such as online training, resorts, hotels, hospitals, tourist locations etc in internet then it displays thousands of results where you will be confused to pick the right one as some of the results look similar, some will be genuine and some will be fake.


Cyber Crime

Internet being handy on mobiles in these days, the number of cyber crimes are growing with the increasing technology in the internet world. This has became a big task for even police officials to handle cases.