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5 Glorious Places That Will Make You Feel Like It’s Spring in Chicago

There are many reasons we love Chicago, but February isn’t typically at the top of that list. That’s no longer the case, however, since we discovered a flurry of places that happily bend reality for us to make it seem like it’s spring—right now. The Orchid Show at Chicago Botanic Garden The abundance of rare and exotic blooms at this ...

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Is It ‘Internet’ Or ‘internet?’ The Internet Can’t Agree

In the summer, the “Internet” will become the “internet,” at least according to the Associated Press’s widely-followed stylebook. The change was announced over the weekend at the American Copy Editors Society’s annual meeting, immediately setting off a round of arguments about whether “internet” with a lowercase “i” is a good or a bad thing. For some, “internet” represents a long-overdue ...

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Age Verification in the Digital Age

When Tinder announced it was shutting down all accounts of users younger than 18, many parents were surprised to find out that their 13 year old had access to the dating app in the first place. One of a parent’s worst nightmares is for their child to go out into the real world and meet a stranger that they had ...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

The most innovative creation in the spectrum of technology is the Internet. Internet has changed the face of the world and today’s sophisticated internet technology has made the world advance in many fields such as Science, Education, Defense, Information Technology, Manufacturing or Production units and so on. With these sort of advancements, we have lot of advantages and disadvantages of internet. ...

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