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How to Photograph 5 Challenging Types of Light

Something I go on and on about is how photography is all about light – that’s no secret. Without light, there is no image. As photographers we’re used to looking for an interesting subject to shoot, but consideration always needs to be taken as to the type of light you’re dealing with. And some types of lighting are more challenging than others. ...

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How To Shoot Amazing Night Photography. Every Time.

If photography by definition is writing with light, then the concept of night photography may seem like a contradiction. But as we all know, it’s perfectly possible to create amazing images at night and there are beautiful and spectacular opportunities just waiting to be captured after the sun goes down. While night photography can be a challenge, it can also ...

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How To Find & Capture Beautiful Reflections

Incorporating reflections into your landscape photography can be a great way to capture some eye-catching images. Reflections can help to add depth and interest; allowing you to add a sense of wonder and mystery to your compositions. Whether you’re capturing the light that’s reflecting off of the surface of the sand, or a crystal-clear image of an autumn scene mirrored on a ...

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Would You Use a Telephoto Lens for Landscape Photos?

Wide-angles are the go-to lens of choice for most landscape photographers; ideal for capturing sweeping vistas, and enhancing the sense of distance and scale in a composition. But are these lenses always the best option? You may be surprised to hear that in some cases, the somewhat unlikely telephoto lens may prove to be an ideal option. These lenses are ideal for ...

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