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5 Tips to Spark Up your Creativity

1. Take Only One Lens With You When we see a good photograph, many of us will look at the EXIF data to see which focal length or lens was used to capture that image. And then… G.A.S. kicks in and we start craving for that lens. After some time we end up with so many dedicated lenses that we start getting ...

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How To Shoot Dramatic Pictures for Great Effect

Photography is an art form, so infusing the right amount of drama into your images is just the master touch that will take your photos from attractive to amazing. Dramatic images are exhilarating and fire up the imagination of your audience. In short, they do wonders for how your images are received by your audience. If it seems daunting, think again. ...

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7 Great Tips for Upgrading Your Black & White Photos

In a world where every image seems to be packed to the brim with vibrant colors and saturated hues – let’s not forget that B&W photos can actually help tell a lot of stories. They’re not easy to create. To come out with a good black and white photo means to summon all the creative streak in you. Sometimes, it ...

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Five Tasty Food Photography Guidelines Worth Buying

Food photography has become quite a prevalent genre. If you do not fully appreciate this attractive art, no doubt you need a firsthand experience. You will get a golden chance to understand the basics behind achieving styling atrocities of a creepy ilk. Normally, these are photos aimed at giving a face-lift to some restaurant website or meant to be published ...

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