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Choosing the Perfect Subject for Landscape Photography

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a budding hobbyist, one of the many challenges you might face is choosing the perfect subject for landscape photography. The term landscape was initially introduced to the English dictionary as a term for describing art, though its use has expanded with time. This form of photography tries to capture the beauty of the Earth while conveying appreciation ...

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Step up Your Landscape Photography Game with These 5 HDR Tips

Shooting landscapes is the dream of most people who hold a camera, and for good reason – their sheer beauty and depth can create a very dramatic photograph. Whether it’s a mountain range, an alpine lake, an ocean or something else, landscapes are high on the list of target subjects for just about anyone with a camera. Plus, we all generally feel ...

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6 Tips To Instantly Level Up Your Photography

There are certain things that you can’t learn from any book or workshop. These are things you normally learn about while you’re actually in the field shooting, and processing your images afterwards. Half of the concepts mentioned in this article are related to post-processing, while the remaining comprises of shooting techniques and rants. These are the concepts I wish I’d ...

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7 Unique Ways To Improve Your Cityscapes

While most landscape photographers are adept at capturing rolling hills and sweeping vistas, for many, cityscape photography can provide a welcome break. Capturing urban environments allows you to stretch your creative muscles, and capture a different type of image – albeit one that’s amazing and spectacular, and in many ways – similar to landscape imagery. While nature shots are full of ...

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