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Shark Photography: Up Close and Personal With Jaws

Can you believe that some folks are actually paid good money to photograph sharks up close and personal while it’s just a hobby for others? While you may not yet muster up the courage to actually go and add shark photography to your list of photography projects, here are some pointers on how the fearless do it. Get Rid of ...

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How to Stay Safe During Storm Photography

When the initial excitement wears off and you’re faced with the harsh reality of a dangerous situation, staying safe amid all this commotion is going to be your number one priority. The temptation is getting close enough to the storm to get that once-in-a-lifetime shot, but you have to balance this with safety if you’re going to dabble in this. ...

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Quick Tips for Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography is a technique that produces stunning effects and dramatic moods. Even when you shoot at night, you’ll still be able to create detailed photos with beautiful light effects. It works best for landscape photography. Although mastering the technique is not easy and involves a lot of training and practice, there are no complex skill sets or procedures ...

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